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Baldman Percussion Junk Hat V2.0

CFD BU9903606?1908 The Junk Hat is making waves across the drumming world! A chain-dropping, 808-sounding, analog machine that is operated much like a hi-hat, allows you to achieve new sounds in rock, pop, country, hip-hop, Americana, and wherever else your imagination takes you. The Junk Hat 2.0 is the same great design and sound as the OG version, but also includes 5 newly added holes which allow you to attach the ‘add-ons’ included in this set! The 2.0 version includes: - The 2.0 Junk Hat - Dark Walnut Stain -3 stacks of custom metal chunks (for that extra trashy sound) -3 stacks of tambourine jingles (for extra shimmer)

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of being an independently veteran owned and operated specialty drum and percussion center located at 6 Highland Street in East Hartford, CT. We are the region's premier resource for all aspects of drumming and percussion, having served the music community of Connecticut, Massachusetts and beyond since 1985!