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No Nuts Cymring Black (6pk)

S2U13-301 BU113606 Elastomeric Compression Fit onNo Nuts Cymbal Sleeve. Squeeze Fits on Sleeve and Stays with Sleeve When Packed Up. Use CymRings to Position Cymbal Along Tapered Sleeve. Supports Cymbal Under or Lock Down Cymbal Over (Splash or China). Use In Between Cymbals. Vertical Positioning is Now Possible withNo Nuts Cymbal Sleeves. The CymRing has been designed to fit tightly onto the sleeve under or on top of the cymbal to provide the drummer with cymbal performance control. Cymbal Resonance Control - How long do I want my cymbal to ring? Do I want to take advantage of the higher tones my cymbal was designed to produce? Lower tones tend to be there all the time, but the higher tones get lost in unnecessary dampening from alternative mounting products. Cymbal Movement Control - How much swing do I want with my cymbal? Is my cymbal hole smaller and requires some fit adjustment up the sleeve? We are still exploring the possibilities of various designs that will be a part of future product offerings NNCR

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