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Black Swamp Triangle Hanger

S5 Quietly hooks on your music stand. A thick rubber insulator buffers the hanger from the music stand and also increases grippage to reduce slippage if your stand begins to droop. Made from powder coated stainless steel that will neither break nor tarnish redefining quality and functionality in triangle hangers. Each hanger also has a primary and secondary suspension line of fishing monofilament for increased security during highly exposed or intense triangle performances. Black Swamps innovative design allows you to hold the hanger with your thumb middle and index finger or just your index finger when you need maximum dampening for intricate and fast passages.

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of being an independently veteran owned and operated specialty drum and percussion center located at 6 Highland Street in East Hartford, CT. We are the region's premier resource for all aspects of drumming and percussion, having served the music community of Connecticut, Massachusetts and beyond since 1985!