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Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module & Trigger

Manufacturer #: EAD10

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BR BU93603606 MSRP $ 629 A unique way to transform an acoustic drum set into an electronic acoustic hybrid kit. This system is easy to set up and operate with minimal wires. Once connected the EAD10 functions as a sound module triggering electronic percussion sounds or user samples or an effect processor for your acoustic drums. The EAD10 is very versatile. On stage or in the studio the electronic sounds and effects expand the creativity of the percussionist. In the practice room the EAD10 has the ability to import and detect the tempo of play along tracks. The player then has the ability to adjust the tempo and add a click track. Audio and video recording options allow for sharing of material and performances. The entire system consists of a sensor unit that clips onto the bass drum hoop and a small sound module that can be mounted to a stand or placed on a flat surface. The sensor unit picks up the sounds of the acoustic drums and cymbals then triggers the sounds or effects in the sound module with surprising accuracy. Additional inputs for triggers or drum pads allows for expansion of your set. A large sound library and studio quality effects are included in the sound module as well as the ability to incorporate user sounds and samples. 50 presets Included /200 user Scenes allows complete player customization. Free iOS app you can practice, shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances. Easy to set up. On board studio quality effect library. Includes: Owners manual, PA-150 Power adapter, module holder, module holder (2) wing bolts, connector cables (pr), (3) cable bands, (2) adhesive cushions EAN4957812620598 Model ZU61720

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